The Red Bar – Grayton Beach, Florida

Live Music & DJ Action At The Red Bar

Red Bar Music

The Red Bar Jazz Band is as much a part of the Red Bar as the rusted tin roof. The scene is complete, as the mellow, cool sounds drift around the tables as diners lift their forks and glasses. The Red Bar Jazz Band plays Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 to 9 PM. Be sure to take note that for many years on the drums sat a legend with sticks in his hands, providing the beat for all the fun in Grayton Beach.

In Memorium: John Henry “Jabo” Starks (October 26, 1937 – May 1, 2018) anchored the Red Bar Jazz Band for many years. He was our beloved American funk and blues drummer. He was best known for playing with James Brown. Starks played on many of Brown’s biggest hits, either as the sole drummer or in tandem with Clyde Stubblefield, including “The Payback”, “Sex Machine”, “Super Bad”, and “Talking Loud and Saying Nothing”. He also backed many of the artists produced or managed by Brown, most notably Lyn Collins, The JBs, and Bobby Byrd. Along with his colleague Stubblefield, Starks ranked as one of the most sampled drummers on contemporary hip hop and R&B recordings.
In his long career, Starks played with a number of major figures of the blues, including Bobby Blue Bland and B.B. King. Starks appeared on some of Bland’s most successful records, among them “I Pity the Fool” (1961), “Turn On Your Lovelight” and “Stormy Monday Blues”. He continued to work with Stubblefield, with whom he recorded an instructional video and a CD as The Funkmasters.

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Dread Clampitt are local heroes who play often at The Red BAr. When they are cranking it out, the Red Bar is shaking. Literally. You know this because you can feel it in your feet as you approach the front door while inside Balder Saunders and Kyle Ogle – together known as Dread Clampitt, tear through their set leaving the packed house dancing in their wake. Part legend, part tradition the magical combination has become a pilgrimage for people from every corner of the map and as well as locals alike who all with testify, there is nothing like a Dread Clampitt show.

When Dread Clampitt is rockin’ the Red Bar, they draw all kinds of people as the night goes on, rednecks and hippies are both right at home. Elbow-to-elbow feet moving and heads bobbing, politicians, boat captains, beach bums, celebrities and oystermen too. You can be yourself at a Dread show, it doesn’t matter what you do.

Dread Clampitt cooks up one of a kind homemade music. It’s a tasty sonic gumbo of influences ranging from bluegrass, rock & roll, blues, jazz and Louisiana Bayou funk complete with three part harmonies and pinch of southern humor thrown in for good measure.

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 DJ Vladi has been a part of the Red Bar family for many years.. Voted as the area’s best DJ at the Beachcomber Music Awards, Vladi began waiting tables at the Red Bar. The transition to full time DJ status took time and now he can be found in the DJ booth Wednesday through Friday for the entirety of the summer, and Vladi is the featured entertainment for most major holidays. What kind of music should you expect at a DJ Vladi event? Pretty much anything. “When I first started DJing, I didn’t want to just play just house or just rock. I want to cater to everybody and all genres. Anything I can get the crowd into, I’ll mix in.”


In addition to our Red Bar music regulars, some of the artists and bands who have played over the years include the Forest Williams Band, Heritage, Sam Bush, Hubba Hubba – you never know who might take the stage at the Red Bar.